McAfee: We'll Work With Windows 7 When It's Launched

". . . McAfee has been working closely with Microsoft on compatibility for its product lines, and will have Windows 7 compatibility for consumer software suites when the operating system is commercially released," said the spokeswoman, Francie Coulter, director of worldwide consumer public relations for McAfee, Santa Clara, Calif.

Microsoft made its first beta version of Windows 7 available as a free download to the general public several days ago, meaning tens of millions of PC users had access to the next-generation OS. While Windows 7 is generally easy to get up and running as a clean install, or as an upgrade from Windows Vista, some of McAfee's top products - - including Total Protection and other antivirus software - - won't install on top of it.

It's a similar problem to PCs that also run beta versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8, which conflicts with some McAfee software in a manner that simply prevents it from working.

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