How To (And Not To) Sell Technology

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Susan Bradley offers this advice for how to sell technology:

Remember the story of how the Post-It Notes caught on? They gave them to the secretaries in the companies to get the corporations hooked? Maybe if you gave a Tablet PC to young law school graduates, the young whippersnappers would make the older Attorneys drool over the Tablets.

Meanwhile, Jeff Jarvis offers advice for how not to sell technology:

But Dell does suck today. They put out a coupon that was widely distributed for $750 off laptops over $1,500... Slickdeals says they kept moving up the time. That's not fair or right: You put out a deal, you shouldn't change the deal midstream. That sucks.

I would have bought a Dell tonight. Maybe I'll buy an Apple instead.

Or he could call a white-box manufacturer and get a custom system. More than a third of technology solution providers continue to list custom systems as their best-selling desktop -- with or without coupons or Post-Its.

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