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    Think You Know The EMC Partner Program?
    EMC actually sells to more midrange companies than enterprises; offers popular software versions of its leading products, such as VNX and Data Domain; and sells more through the channel than it does through its direct sales force.
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    Integrated Threat Defenses and Why Connection is Crucial
    Today’s security landscape is ever evolving. Adversaries and defenders are becoming more sophisticated and nimble and are going to great lengths to remain undetected, using new technologies, multiple attack vectors and methods that result in nearly imperceptible Indications of Compromise (IoCs).
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    The New Rules of Customer Engagement
    Customers are using more channels than ever before to interact with brands and vendors alike. How can you join up email, mobile and social to create digital campaigns that deliver relevant and timely messages where and when your customers expect them?
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    Accelerating Digital Opportunities in an IoT World
    The real imperative in a world where ‘everything’ is digitized is that businesses need to rethink their operation and technology strategies and disrupt their own business models faster than their competitors.
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    6 Takeaways from the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report
    While cyber defense teams are developing new security mechanisms and implementing new solutions to keep up with rapid global digitization and become more cyber resilient, cybercriminals are cultivating new techniques to evade them. It's a never-ending cycle. So how can you help keep your customers safe and withstand unexpected, high impact security events?
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    Instead of Selling, Help Your Customers Buy
    As salespeople, we often push new technologies and services on customers that we feel are best in class, the latest and greatest or promise to future proof their IT platform.
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    Innovate or Dissipate: The New Digital Network Architecture
    With technology playing such a pivotal role in today’s business strategy – thanks largely to mobility, cloud, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) – organizations need to evolve their networks to adapt to growing digital business needs.

    A Race To The Bottom In Cloud Infrastructure
    Partners that have a single supplier face a significant revenue risk in the event that supplier decides to sell off its data center assets to a company that is either unfriendly toward the channel or just doesn't understand it.
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    What Does Being A Partner Mean?
    There are lots of different meanings of the word "partner", but what sort of "partners" are EMC channel partners?