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  • Microsoft Chief Strategist Takes A Week Off

    Bill's Most Excellent Adventure
    Hold the presses. Bill Gates had another one of his patented Think Weeks. Stand back and wait for the epiphanies to roll forth.
  • Cool News For Digital Photos, Spam
    I know at least two people who read this blog when I update it, and it is with them in mind that I'm finally emerging from my self-imposed cone of silence to bring us at least into the month of March.
  • When OSes Play Nice Together
    While soon-to-be-released virtualization technology will let single systems run more than one OS at a time, at least one solution provider in the U.K. isn't waiting to get started.
  • A Good Cup of JOE
    Although the battle between JBoss on one side of the application server paradigm and BEA and IBM on the other side gets most of the attention, there's another player on the open-source app server front that's worthy of attention.
  • Groove Gets Gone
    Microsoft's Groove buyout shows that the big get bigger, and the small get bought. If they're lucky.
  • Your decisions could be clouded by misguided ideas

    How Long Is Your Misperception List?
    Here's a sampling of the misperceptions that customers, VARs and industry observers alike promulgate that are screwing everything up for the rest of us.
  • Managing Web Services
    What Tivoli, CA and HP are to the world of network management, Systinet aspires to be to the world of Web services management.
  • Apple's Bungle With Blogs
    Apple and CEO Steve Jobs have yet to grasp how the Blogosphere works, but they're set to learn about it--perhaps the hard way.
  • Vincent Vents
    CRN Test Center's Technical Editor Vincent Randazzese lets off some steam about technology, the channel and industry issues.
  • MSP Mayhem
    Back in the bad old days of the Internet boom and irrational exuberance, a lot of capital was thrown down a rat hole known as managed services. But the managed-services business model is back with a vengeance, and there is a war over who is going to control this burgeoning sector of the market.
  • What would you do at the helm of your company?

    What If You Were CEO?
    After Hewlett-packard decided it had had enough of Carly Fiorina, many people in our industry began offering opinions of what they would have done with HP during the five years she ran the joint.