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  • Getting Serious About Recycling
    I didn&'t realize how profoundly the rate of IT obsolence is effecting the infrastructure in New Jersey. Roughly 2.4 million computers and monitors plus 600,000 TVs will be junked here this year.
  • The Next Best Thing To Being There
    One of the coolest things I saw during my whirlwind briefing day at ScanSource (more than 20 new faces!) was a nifty piece of technology called Virtual Technician, which the distributor has been piloting with some of its POS resellers.
  • Local competition you probably have in check. but what about the unexpected?

    New Threats From Left Field
    Sometimes there's so much competition out there it feels like someone is chasing you. But don't worry about who's pursuing your business; worry, instead, about what's lurking ahead of you, or even in left field.
  • Offshore Interest Stabilizing?
    The services section of Goldman Sachs' latest IT Spending Survey contains some fascinating tidbits including the fact that the percentage of CIOs expecting to sent a material amount of work to an offshore environment slipped to 63 percent in December from 69 percent in October 2005.
  • Geography Lessons
    The white paper “Be Prepared,” released by Deloitte&'s Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice, suggests that U.S. executives are too quick to lump China and India together in terms of development expectations.
  • More Fear And Loathing At Lotusphere
    One might assume, since IBM pushes collaboration tools and knowledge management, that the company and its phalanx of PR/marketing/trade show management types, might have a clue about what's going on at their own annual Lotusphere show.
  • What's Up Dave Duffield's Sleeve?
    The buzz factor is intensifying on Peoplesoft founder Dave Duffield's latest venture,, which is now supposed to reveal more about itself this spring.
  • Distributors Should Think Like Their Customers
    It&'s really interesting that Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions turned to a former reseller executive as its new leader. To me, it&'s a perfect indicator that distribution companies need to up the ante when it comes to how they think about services.
  • Will telcos charge more for fast, 'fat' content delivery?

    Coming: Internet Surcharges?
    Big telcos may start charging extra for the speedy delivery of bandwidth-intensive goods and services. Who will pay?