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  • If what corporations are saying makes little sense, it could be because there's some 'plain on top'

    I'm Not Making This Up
    If what corporations are saying makes little sense, it could be because there's some 'plain on top'
  • Michael Dell And The Bloggers
    Michael Dell says complaints by bloggers about his company's customer service are as bad as any other complaint. And he isn't about to start blogging himself, either.
  • Hand-holding 101
    Spent some time with EMC this week talking with various souls about the state of its channel strategy. One interesting refrain got me to thinking about the topic of mentoring.
  • The way you decorate your work space may say more about you than you think

    What's In Your Office?
    As part of my job, I visit a great many executives in the technology industry. Their office environs reveal as much about them as the clothes they wear or the words they choose.
  • Wet Paint At CES
    There are many benefits to arriving at the International Consumer Electronics Show a day or two earlier than most people. For starters, there were no cab lines at the airport Tuesday morning when my flight landed at McCarron Airport in Las Vegas. You also get there early enough to see the organized chaos of vendors trying to finish their convention floor booths before the whole world arrives.
  • Google Me A PC
    The LA Times reports that Google may show off an on-the-cheap computing device at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Vegas.
  • Vegas, Baby
    More than 200,000 people will be on their way to Las Vegas this week for technology's biggest and glitziest convention: International CES in Las Vegas. So why are so many people who are staying behind smiling so wide?
  • Don't Go The Way Of The Dodo
    Are you a dodo bird? Business consultant and newbie blogger Geoff Moore tackles the theory of evolution and natural selection in his latest book, "Dealing With Darwin."
  • Cuban's In The Crapper
    Mavs owner, (and former CRN columnist and Top 25 ) Mark Cuban is pushing a new, ultra deluxe toilet seat. The "Swash" promises to warm the derriere, not to mention clean it, post business.
  • Are company freebies spoiling consumers?

    Getting Things For Free? Priceless.
    The best things in life are free was a truism when nobody had anything. Now that everybody seems to have everything, more stuff is free. Ironic, I know, but true. There's so much in life and business for free these days that I wonder how much longer people are going to be willing to pay for anything.