Apple Blew It With 27-Inch iMac Displays

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Apple is the king of delivering innovative breakthrough technology. But all you have to do to realize that they blew it big time with the 27-inch iMac displays is read the long list of complaints about the product on Apple's own forum.

There clearly is a big appetite for a 27-inch iMac display with the increased use of video, gaming and interactive Web site usage.

Apple, however, clearly didn't iron out manufacturing issues with the 27-inch iMac displays before deciding to ship the product.

Among the complaints on the Apple Forum are cracked screens and flickering.

The Apple discussion forum titled "Topic: New iMac 27 Inch Screen Flickering/Tearing/Shutoff" has 89 pages of users venting their frustration with the new iMac 27-inch displays.

A user referring to himself as TRudjer on the Apple forum wondered if it was possible that 20 percent of the new iMac displays were failing. "Did Apple test the 27-inch iMacs?" TRudjer asked. "That's a huge percent."

"As previously reported here, my 27-inch had this problem after day two," wrote a user called Stevo77, complaining of screen flickering on the iMac displays. "Much worse than some of the videos posted. (Please see my previous reply for a video of mine. It was really bad)."

Apple had a chance here to deliver a breakthrough user experience with its new 27-inch iMac displays. But the company clearly failed to work out the kinks in the manufacturing process before shipping the new displays.

Apple has delivered some great products. But with the 27-inch iMac displays the company blew it.

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