The CloMoSo Prescription: The Cure For Technology Nearsightedness

No, it's not a disease. It is a term that software visionary John Landry, who has been out in front of the biggest technology paradigm shifts for the past three decades, uses to describe the three immutable forces of nature that are reshaping every nook and cranny of the technology business.

CloMoSo is simply an acronym for "cloud, mobile, social." More importantly, it is the best prescription available for channel myopia, a channel defect in "which distant objects appear blurred because their images are focused in front of the retina rather than on it." In other words, technology nearsightedness. It's no joke. The cloud, mobile, social phenomenon is happening much faster than big technology shifts of the past such as client/server and the Internet.

What solution providers need to do is incorporate cloud, mobile and social into their solution road map for all of their customers. That means partnering with CloMoSo product and service providers that get the channel.

There are many channel-savvy CloMoSo vendors out there, and solution providers that team up with these companies will reap big rewards. Among those vendors that get it: Cisco, HP, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft, Research In Motion and Rackspace.

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Cisco, by the way, deserves special mention here given that Cisco CEO John Chambers is always out in front of these technology shifts building businesses with partners. The Cisco Cius tablet, combined with Cisco TelePresence and Cisco Social Miner, a social media customer care solution, is a stellar example of an outstanding CloMoSo opportunity. Those that underestimate Cisco's ability to navigate these big technology shifts do so at their own peril.

HP is also moving fast on the CloMoSo front with CEO Leo Apotheker investing big time in the technology shifts--with products such as the eagerly awaited WebOS TouchPad--rather than just talking about them.

Landry, currently managing director of Lead Dog Ventures ("for all but the Lead Dogs the view is always the same"), is right on with his CloMoSo call to action. If you need evidence, simply check out his track record for cashing in on big technology shifts. Landry knows where the money is and he makes sure he's there before the rest of the pack.

Cases in point: Not only did Landry make a killing charting technology changes for Cullinet Software, Lotus Development and IBM, he served as chairman/CTO of multiple companies acquired for big paydays including Agility Systems, Narrative Communications, and Adjoin Solutions.

Landry used to like to say it wasn't good for a technology visionary to wear glasses. He need not be concerned. When it comes to technology shifts, he has 20/20 vision.

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