Linux Foundation Launches 'I'm Linux' Video Contest

Kevin McLaughlin
open source

Operating system commercials "have been flooding the airwaves," but Linux has been noticeably absent from the discussion, according to the Linux Foundation, which is sponsoring the 'I'm Linux' video contest, which runs from Jan. 26 to March 15.

In the contest, Linux community members are being invited to create videos that demonstrate what Linux means to those who use it, in order to generate buzz around Linux without resorting to expensive ad campaigns.

"While the Linux Foundation would love to spend millions promoting Linux on TV, it's simply not our style (or in our budget)," according to the contest sign-up page.

The videos must be 60 seconds or less and hew to the 'I'm Linux' theme, although they don't have to reference or parody the Apple or Microsoft commercials.

The winning video will be chosen based on the originality and clarity of the message and how much it inspires others to use Linux, according to the contest organizers.

The 'I'm Linux' video contest winner will receive a free trip to Tokyo and a free registration for the Linux Foundation Japan Linux Symposium, to be held next October. The winning video will also be shown off at the Linux Foundation's Collaboration Summit in San Francisco on April 8.

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