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  • Using IT As A Competitive Sales Weapon
    Solution providers have the advantage of understanding IT threats and should use it when appropriate as a selling technique.

    Tips From A Channel Jedi Master
    LogicMonitor's David Powell shares his practical guide for channel success.
  • Advancing Technology Threatens Public Cloud And Stymies Politicians
    Hyper-converged infrastructure and software-defined networking are changing the cloud dynamics and legitimizing the argument that on-premises may actually prove to be more cost-effective than pure public cloud deployments.
  • Tim Cook's Apple Looks A Lot Different Than Steve Jobs'
    In the Tim Cook era, Apple has pivoted from a product-driven company with excellent marketing to a marketing-driven company with mediocre products.
  • Spectre And Meltdown: Rating The Vendors
    Google, Cisco, Intel and Red Hat came out on top in a CRN survey of vendor response to the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.
  • Sales Are Driven By Ever-Increasing Network Demands, According to NPD

    Access Point Unit Sales Are on the Rise in the U.S. B2B Indirect Channel
    Growth can be attributed to a series of trends, including infrastructure upgrades to match the increasing demands of bring-your-own-device and IoT strategies, movement towards controller-less management, and strong K12 and federal buying seasons.

    Lessons In Leadership: Meg Whitman Saved HP And HPE
    For HP And HPE partners, there's no question who is responsible one of the all-time great turnarounds in corporate history - Meg Whitman.
  • Is Marketing A Make Or Buy Decision?
    The business of selling technology is evolving so rapidly that SSPs have to invest in how they convey their brand in the market. But that proposes a legitimate question: Are you better off buying your marketing from experts or assembling an in-house team?