Another Day, Another Departure

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It's certainly been quite the year for musical chairs on the channel chief front, and this news Monday out of BMC Software reminds us of the tenuous nature of every business relationship we forge.

Within the span of two short weeks, BMC's channel has lost two familiar faces: Willy Donahoo and Paige Erickson, albeit for two very different reasons. Donahoo as part of a layoff, Erickson as part of a personal leave. Let's hope newcomer Lori Cook, late of IBM, can restore order quickly.

It's also a lesson that when you engage with a vendor, you need to ensure your contacts go deeper than just one person.

The good news, I suppose, is that vendors appear to be holding their channel executives more accountable than ever. The bad news is really in the form of a question: When will companies figure out that channel strategy is a company-wide concern the weight of which can't be borne by just one person?

The personnel situation to watch closely, of course, remains the pending integration of the teams at Symantec and Veritas Software. So far, we know that the post-merger plans will see Symantec's worldwide head of channels Allyson Seelinger continue in that role. And, a favorite from the Veritas side, channel marketing VP Julie Parrish, also has a spot waiting. Anyone else you know about.

In fact, who are you buzzing about in general? As the keeper of the perennial 50 Channel Chiefs list, I'm already working on next year's edition. Although at this rate, I'd probably have to rewrite the whole thing. So, actually, why bother?

Finally, ever wonder who's watching you? Florida just won't give up its dream of an uber database> that would serve as a master directory of dozens of government records, ostensibly to nab terrorists and other bad guys.

While the theory is nice, the original project failed because frankly, Scarlet, it was a political hot potato that could burn your hands through an oven mitt. All the same, it reminds us that our private lives aren't as private as we'd like to think.

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