Day Of Fame

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OK, OK, so I've been horribly remiss for most of this month. Guess I've been stressed beyond belief about this year's CRN Industry Hall of Fame event, which we held two nights ago in Mountain View, Calif.

I urge you local Bay Area types to make a visit to our venue, the Computer History Museum. It's just really neat place (an ex-Silicon Graphics building) with this cool room they refer to as "Visible Storage" that is chuck full o' some of the earliest IBM, Cray and Apple equipment you've ever seen. My personal favorite is the Neiman-Marcus "Kitchen Computer" from something like 1969 I think, which was supposed to help homemakers with recipe. At $10,600 it wasn't very practical and the museum staff admits there is no record of the retailer ever making a sale.

Anyway, I was responsible for recruiting two extraordinary past inductees to give keynote speeches for our full-day day, and wanted to make sure that they had a great experience. Also have to admit I was kinda star-struck. After all, it's not every day you get to hang out with both Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak AND VisiCalc co-inventor Dan Bricklin, let alone sit in between the two of them at dinner and hear them talk about why on earth someone would choose to put two slots in an early system when they could have included eight. Must admit, I felt kinda dumb.

Anyway, Dan is much better about blogging than I, so I figure I won't repeat his impressions of the day.

Now, about next year's inductee list ...

Happy Thanksgiving, I'll be back in early December.

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