Microsoft Brings In The Marines

Microsoft U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Symposium

The confab will feature keynotes by Microsoft VP of executive relations, Bob McDowell--who once headed up consulting services--and CIO Ron Markezich.(FYI, according to his Microsoft bio McDowell holds a B.A. from the Virginia Military Institute.)

With this gathering, Microsoft's covered the full range the U.S. armed forces this year. Last month it hosted its annual Air Force Symposium that spotlighted Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer along with Chief DoD architect and various other civilian and military brass. This symposium spilled over into a less-advertised DoD symposium March 31 and April 1, sources said.

One might assume that since the Air Force meeting, which focused on "Enabling Security and Agility with Net Centric Capabilities," merited Ballmer while the earlier Army and Navy symposia did not, that the flyboys reign supreme.

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