Oracle Snags Big Fish In Maffei--But What's Up With Catz, Phillips?

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It's an investor relations coup for Oracle to snag Greg Maffei as CFO and co-co president. But what does his entrance mean for the two current co-presidents? Long-timer Safra Catz and less-long-timer-but-still-stellar Charles Phillips are not mentioned in the press alert sent today. Inquiring minds want to know what's up with that.

Reportedly there will be a tri-partite presidency which may not be unprecedented—-remember BOOP or Bill's Office Of The President at Microsoft--but it's certainly rare. Maffei starts in July.

Maffei did due diligence as former CFO of Microsoft and more recently was chairman and CEO of 360networks.

Cynics might say Larry setting up some sort of steel-cage match for his successor Who knows but it certainly bears watching.


Nope. Yukon's not done yet. But there's now a (beta) JDBC driver for both the current SQL Server 2000 and upcoming SQL Server 2005. Just in time for a JavaOne demo. If you're not heading to San Fran, try: this Microsoft site.

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