Need A Break? Fight A Buddy!

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Full disclosure up front: There is no business reason on earth to read further. But if you're an AOL Instant Messenger user and you want a mindless distraction, try

This little lagniappe lets you gauge how popular (or un-) you are at any given time based on the number of people who link to your buddy name.

The about page is also great. Under FAQs comes the inevitable Why Fight?

The answer: "Using a complicated algorithm, AIM Fight crawls through the depths of the Internet to answer the all-important question that plagues us all: How popular am I right this second?"

The higher the number, the more online third-degree connections you have. The score shows how many links you have relative to other Aimers.

For the record, i got my butt kicked by the Aimster who sent me the link. But then again, she works for AOL.

The other big question:
Who made AIM Fight?

The answer: "Two AIM programmers with a little bit too much free time on their hands. They&'re both mild-mannered, soft-spoken, and nonviolent people. Go figure."

You gotta love these guys.

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