Google's Got The Munchies

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Google's hungry.

No, not for tech acquisitions or for former Microsoft brainiacs (although that is also true.) Literally hungry.

The Web search kingpin's put a full court press on to find two new executive chefs and is sponsoring a Cookoff to select them.

The chefs "will play an important role in managing the company's
growing appetites," says Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and president, Technology, in a statement

Google's famed former foodie, (and former Grateful Dead cook) Charlie Ayers, left last spring.

[Editor's note: Resident wiseguy Ed Moltzen's thoughts on this are as follows: "Yeah. [Akers] did wonders with Jerry Garcia."]

The company wants eclectic epicurians who can handle anything from vegan dishes to burgers. All "culinary engineers" are welcome to compete for the slot. Culinary engineers? Okaaaaaay.....

Corporate bennies for the chosen few include the usual: staff doctor, dry cleaning pick up/delivery, onsite carwash and oil change, gym, personal trainers, tuition reimbursement and "proximity parking" for pregnant employees, says the posting. Anything to keep the option-slaves glued to their desks, a cynic might say.

Interested applicants can check out the job description at the Google jobs site.

The company website is always a revelation. Under top ten reasons to work at Google, #10 is relevant here: "There is such a thing as a free lunch after all. In fact we have them every day: healthy, yummy and made with love."

Much more touchy feely than Microsoft.

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