Bad Press Plagues Microsoft On PDC Week

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Talk about bad timing.

The week of its big developer shindig, Microsoft faces not one but two negative feature stories in the consumer media: BusinessWeek's "I'm Outta Here" cover story about troubling Microsoft defections and Forbes' take on its Midlife Crisis.

Here's a snippet from Forbes:

"Microsoft has become what it used to mock," says Gabe Newell, a developer on the first three versions of Windows. At late-night rounds of poker with "Bill and Steve" in the mid-1980s, he says, "we laughed at IBM. They had all this process for monitoring productivity, and yet we knew they had spectacularly bad productivity. That's Microsoft now."

Partners could have told you this long ago. In fact, they have. See here. And here. Oh yeah, and here.

Goodness! How has this site-- the anonymous blog of a disgruntled current Microsoftie--eluded me so long? What a trove!

On a somewhat more positive note, those staying at the LA Millennium Biltmore this week have had several near-brushes with celebrity. Alias was filming there this week. Alas, no Bennifer sightings.


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