Macworld Boston--Dead

Barbara Darrow

MacWorld Boston is dead. IDG has pulled the plug on the show, which has struggled since its rebirth a few years back.

When management returned the venerable event from New York to Boston, Apple didn't come with it, and the absence hurt. The show struggled for both attendance and buzz.

No more.

This is the end of an era, especially for anyone in the audience in 1997 when Steve Jobs announced a $150 million investment from—and an end to legal hostilities with—Microsoft. His news was nearly overshadowed by the booing/hissing engendered when a gigantic image of Bill Gates beamed in behind him on the stage. Ah those were the days.

A final PDC query: Does the omnipresent (and annoying) Microsoft Channel 9 mascot have a name? What the hell is it supposed to be—a microphone? Spongebob Roundhead? What????? And who's the poor schlub running around in that costume. Scoble, is that you??


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