Microsoft Communicator???? And Watch Out For Satya

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Microsoft Communicator???

So the big secret out of Tuesday's Microsoft real-time communications launch (re-launch) was to be the name of the new VoIP-enabled instant messaging client. So consider the lack of shock-and-awe on most behalves when it turns out to be (drum roll please) Communicator!

Doesn't that sound a bit, hmmm, familiar? It should. Netscape made waves (but not enough) with its Communicator messaging client a mere seven years ago. I guess all the good names ARE taken.

In non-related but still Microsoftian news, keep your eye on corporate vice president Satya Nadella. aka Mr. Green.

Several partners and others close to Microsoft peg him as a rising star, one of those overnight sensations who's been with the company for more than a decade. (Fourteen years, I think).

Here's Satya's web log. And his bio.

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