2018 Channel Chiefs Details

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Tom Flink

VP, Global Channel Sales, Forcepoint

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Has Worked For A Solution Provider Organization
Knows How To Build A Computer From Scratch
Has A Type A Personality
Has Recently Done Volunteer Work
Loves To Take Photographs
Loves To Ski
Always Wanted To Be A CEO

Number of years in current channel chief role: 0.3
Number of years with the company: 0.3
Number of years involved with indirect sales: 11

Twitter handle: @tflink
Number of Twitter followers: 590

Worldwide Channel Partners: 1700
North American Channel Partners: 450
Number of employees in channel organization: 90

Reports to: Matthew P. Moynahan, Chief Executive Officer
Does that individual report to the CEO/president: Yes
Are You The Highest-Ranking Channel Executive In Your Organization? Yes

Do you expect your channel sales as a percentage of your company's overall sales to increase, stay the same or decrease in the next year?
Stay the Same
Do you expect the number of channel partners you work with to increase, stay about the same or decrease in the next year?
Stay the Same
Organization's 2018 budget for MDF compared to 2017 is:
Staying the same
Channel Chief Bio and Background:
Tom Flink VP, Global Channel Sales, Forcepoint Former: SVP, Sales & Services, RES Software VP, Channels and Market Development Sales, Citrix Systems SVP, Solutions Development, MTM Technologies President, Vector ESP Tom Flink has over 30 years of computer technology sales, channels, marketing and professional services management. His career began as a hardware OEM and systems integrator during the rise of the reseller channel where he successfully managed the transition from pure product resell to value-added professional/managed services. Tapping into this background as a reseller/integrator, Tom is focused on helping technology companies build partner networks to increase reach and leverage in the market. He is a regular speaker at industry channel events in North America and serves as an advocate and thought leader for the broader channel ecosystem. In his current role at Forcepoint, Tom is tasked with establishing the next strategy for partner routes-to-market and ensuring a fluid and aligned sales motion to help mutual customers secure their people, data and networks. Tom has a BBA in Accounting from The University of Texas. He is a photography enthusiast and currently resides in The Woodlands, Texas.
Leading products/services sold through North American channel partners:
Forcepoint CASB, Forcepoint Email Security, Forcepoint Web Security, Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall, Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention, Forcepoint Insider Threat, Forcepoint UEBA, Forcepoint, Cross Domain Security Products
Partner organization's top accomplishments in the channel over the past year:
1) Provided cyber security training for more than 5,000 partners in 2017 2) Launched the new Forcepoint Managed Security Service Provider Program 3) Executed the integration strategy, and delivered channel pricing/ enablement to our channel community for multiple 2017 acquisitions 4) Delivered over 2,000 MDF activities which help to increase partner net new pipeline 5) Enhanced deal registration program benefit for partner-found deals, resulting in better profitability for our partner community
Describe how your partner community has grown over the past year either in average revenue per partner or overall expansion of your partner base or in specific market segments:
Forcepoint has seen tremendous growth over the last 24 months through key acquisitions bolstering our CASB, Next-Generation Firewall and UEBA solution offerings. As the company's product portfolio has continued to grow, the products Forcepoint partners can offer to their customers has grown as well helping them drive continued year-over-year revenue increases in Forcepoint products. Forcepoint also strategically added new partners to the company's channel program to support those key acquisitions, such as our Firewall and CASB product line. In addition, Forcepoint's System for Human-Centric Security has attracted new partners to join our program.
Provide one example of how you personally worked to help or solve a problem for a solution provider over the last 12 months:
On a day-to-day basis, I'm asked to resolve sales and channel choreography challenges that are driven by teams that have similar but different objectives. For example, a high-value partner was looking to expand their operations, but lacked the credit to handle a particularly large opportunity in a new geography. I worked with them to establish the necessary credit with a distributor based on defined deliverables that ultimately helped them expand their business into new markets.
What one market force is having the biggest impact on your company's channel strategy for 2018 and how are you accommodating for it?
The focus on security and compliance across businesses of all types is the significant driver for Forcepoint. We believe we are delivering a differentiated way for partners to help customers develop a strategy to address cyber security through a system that focuses on the human point - the intersection of people, data and networks.
What are your top channel goals for 2018?
Migrate partners to cloud solutions,Increase the amount of professional services going through partners,Increase the amount of net new accounts coming through partners
Describe how your organization's strategy around channel Market Development Funds (MDF) is changing in 2018 compared to last year.:
In 2018, the company will continue to support MDF plans and activities that are aligned with our sales objectives. The goal is to support activities that can generate net new sales opportunities for our partners and for Forcepoint, increasing demand, new customer acquisition and market expansion.
Name the single most innovative initiative for which you and/or your team were responsible in 2017 and describe its impact on your partner community.:
In 2017, Forcepoint provided our partner communities access to our automated marketing campaign platform at no cost. In the first 60 days, more than 100 partners signed up for this new tool that helps them generate new leads and qualified opportunities. Through this initiative we are empowering our partners with innovative tools that help them both grow their business and their partnership with Forcepoint.
What were the key channel/partner investments you made over the past year?
1) Increased channel investments in programs, incentive, enablement and people 2) A dedicated Channel SE and Renewals team 3) An Automated Marketing Campaign Platform 4) Increased MDF Investment
What honors, awards or commendations - professional or personal - have you won over the past year?
What is the best piece of business-related advice you've ever been given and who gave it to you?
Remember that business is about people". My father.
What is the best business book you read this year and why?
From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin. The book helps you focus on what is important and effective in finding new business... the key word being focus
What's one item on your bucket list and why is it on there?
I love to travel and I've been to every continent except for Antarctica. Like more and more people in this world, I've been fortunate enough to understand that collecting experiences is more important than collecting things.

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