Bring Your Data Center to the Edge With Scale Computing

Vendors, solution providers and customers love to throw around buzzwords like “edge computing”, but what is “the edge”?


Think of it this way … anywhere mission-critical applications run, outside of the data center. That’s “the edge.”

Now where would you find “the edge” and “edge computing”?

Consider that the Internet of Things requires edge computing. IoT devices collect the data while edge computing platforms process the data and then the cloud and data center make sense of the data.

Makes sense, no?

Let’s keep things simple. Edge computing requires simplicity. Why?

• Edge sites have no IT staff so ease of use is essential.
• Automation can keep systems running while self-healing features absorb failures.
• Oh, and edge computing sites need quick development that can be managed with ease.

Edge computing requires small server footprints, but where can you learn more about the latest HCI solution from an industry leader?

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