Direct Routing For Microsoft Teams: With Ooma

IT departments deal with a host of challenges, including managing the vast number of tools their organizations use. With the increase in remote work, it becomes even harder to support these options, with different employees preferring various communication methods.


How do companies find the right solution to simplify and downsize the number of collaboration tools available? What’s the best way to create a plan to implement processes and train employees? How will direct routing help IT teams streamline this process?

Ooma is here to drive unified communications through Microsoft Teams, so the organization is on the same page and external calling is more affordable, reliable and easy. Businesses need effective communication in every aspect, and Ooma’s direct routing capabilities simplifies and improves the Teams experience.

Join Ooma and The Channel Company to learn why using Teams can streamline how internal and external business operates, why direct routing can make the process less expensive and how Ooma can help increase call reliability.

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