Get Industrial with Intel IoT Solutions

Accelerate Innovation in Industry 4.0 with next-generation industrial PCs


A wave of smart technology is redefining the industrial world and creating the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are allowing global industrial operations to become smart and efficient.

At the center of this digital transformation is the modern industrial PC (IPC). With a ruggedized design, expansion options and industrial grade components, IPCs are the workhorses of manufacturing. Yet, older models may not have what it takes to power the latest intelligent applications.

Don’t let your customers be left in the dark ages. Accelerate innovation with modern IPCs!

Join Intel’s IPC Catalyst team and The Channel Company to learn how to take full advantage of IPC growth with Intel’s go-to-market portfolio:

1. Ecosystem support – join the IoT Solution Alliance for partners
2. Loaner devices – increase customer value and accelerate time to market
3. Migration process – enable digital manufacturing without rip and replace
4. Industrial edge insights – apply AI & analytic models on IPCs

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