How To Conquer The SaaS Universe With Augmentt

Software as a service (SaaS) is on the rise, particularly among small and midsize enterprises.


According to estimates, 70 percent of SMEs will move the majority of their software to the cloud this year and the SaaS market is projected to reach $113B next year.

SaaS is truly taking over the world, which sounds great, but solution providers and their customers must remain cautious.

SaaS vendors will talk about low barriers to entry, ease of deployment, single-click integration, unlimited scalability and low monthly payments. Yet, what most SMEs don’t realize is that some SaaS products will violate your security policies, billing can escalate quickly and can be unpredictable, and migrating from one SaaS product to another can be difficult.

Join Augmentt and The Channel Company to learn more about a simple and flexible platform that will help MSPs manage their clients’ SaaS ecosystem.

You’ll learn what problems SaaS solves for end users, how today’s MSPs can get the most from SaaS solutions while creating a new revenue stream.

SaaS management is essential in helping today’s digital workforce.

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