Innovate & Increase Margins with IT Automation: Fujitsu’s Journey

As the pace of digital transformation has accelerated, so has infrastructure complexity. With business-critical services inextricably tied to infrastructure performance, MSPs are under pressure to deliver high quality services and meet aggressive SLAs, all while maintaining slim margins.


For MSPs to survive and thrive in this environment, they have to reduce costs and simultaneously increase operational efficiency, speed up service delivery, and improve performance. Seem impossible? Luckily, it’s not. Enter IT automation and AIOps.

In 2019, Gartner predicted that AI would play an increasing role in IT automation, as well as fundamental changes to the very nature of IT. As these predictions become reality, automation is being leveraged by leading MSPs not only to keep costs down and quality up, but also for new benefits like achieving unprecedented levels of IT agility and scaling digital transformation.

Join Resolve Systems and The Channel Company to find out how IT automation has helped MSPs like Fujitsu.

Go behind-the-scenes as Fujitsu shares:

• What challenges they were looking to solve with automation
• How they built an automation business case
• Which tasks and processes they’ve automated and why
• How they developed an organizational structure to scale automation
• How automation has impacted their KPIs – and how they measure that impact
• What their automation ecosystem looks like today

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