Protect Your Customers, Boost Your Bottom Line With ADT Cybersecurity

If you navigated your way to this page from a work computer, congratulations, you survived 2020!


There's so much turbulence in the world right now, whether it's the pandemic, economic uncertainty or civil unrest. It's only natural that you’ve felt the pain either on a personal or professional level.

Hopefully, the previous 12 months found you in good health and your company in good standing, both from a financial perspective, but also from a security vantage point.

Solution providers have felt the unique challenge of keeping their customers safe while keeping their business running. It hasn’t been easy, but the future looks bright so here’s hoping for the best.

Join ADT Cybersecurity and The Channel Company to find out how a leading cybersecurity vendor has helped their partners navigate the chaos. You’ll also hear directly from an ADT Cybersecurity partner on how their customers made it through 2020 and are preparing for a better tomorrow.

You'll also learn how the New York-based SHIELD Act has ramifications for solution providers across the country and around the world.

Put this program at the top of your to-do list for 2021.

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