Stay Safe, Stay Secure With Kaspersky Cloud Pro

In the past two years, we have seen an explosion of endpoints across organizations. This will come as no surprise with the increase in remote/hybrid workforces, but the growth in endpoints, and more importantly unsecure, personal devices connecting to the corporate workplace, has created unforeseen challenges for IT Security teams.


So, with companies looking to upgrade, can your endpoint security offerings cover all their needs? Are you familiar with what buyers are looking for in an upgrade? Are you able to cover company-supplied and personal devices?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security can address all these needs and more. Their new Cloud Pro tier offering can address the sophisticated and evasive attacks that are cropping up more often. They'll also provide root cause analysis, deeper visibility into endpoint infrastructures and much more.

Join The Channel Company & Kaspersky to learn more about how companies are struggling with endpoint security in the new normal and learn how to keep your customers and their endpoint users safe.

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