Cloud Security Week 2020

Demand for cloud security products and services has been driven in recent years by a torrent of new threats and vulnerabilities such as ransomware, malicious insiders, DDoS and zero-day threats. High-level data breaches have proliferated as polymorphic, self-mutating codes and evasion techniques make traditional security technologies and endpoint protection mechanisms obsolete.

The market itself is poised for rapid growth, with cloud security sales expected to reach $12.63 billion by 2024, representing a compound annual growth rate of 13.9 percent, according to Grand View Research.

CRN’s Cloud Security Week will take a deep look at each of the major public cloud vendors, providing tips for how to make the most of Amazon Web Services security certifications, pointers for best practices around Microsoft’s Azure Security Center, and recommendations for how to avoid common Google Cloud security mistakes. Other pieces will explore the benefits of getting the fast-growing CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) certification as well as this year’s top cloud threats and vulnerabilities.

8 Benefits Of Getting A CCSP Certification
From mastering multi-cloud environments and sticky scenarios to unlocking opportunities for increased earnings and consulting engagements, here’s a look at eight significant perks of becoming a Certified Cloud Security Professional.

The 8 Biggest Google Cloud Security Mistakes To Avoid
From exposing sensitive data in BigQuery tables to overauthorizing access on new projects to leaving virtual machines unguarded, here are some Google Cloud security mishaps that occur too often.

8 Important Microsoft Azure Security Center Best Practices
From enabling multifactor authentication and extending protection beyond virtual machines to establishing rules around log analysis and remediation, here’s how businesses can get the most out of Azure Security Center.

10 Tips For Making The Most Of AWS Security Certifications
Here’s a look at what type of industry experience, hands-on practice and vendor-neutral certificates employees should bring to the table to maximize the value of their AWS security certifications.

12 Biggest Cloud Threats And Vulnerabilities In 2020
From misconfigured storage buckets and excess privileges to Infrastructure as Code (IoC) templates and automated attacks, here’s a look at 12 of the biggest cloud threats technical experts are worried about this year.