Liquid Systems Ready To Spill On Exchange Server Clone?

Liquid Systems San

All that's been publicly reported about this stealthy San Mateo, Calif.-based company is that former BEA Systems CTO Scott Dietzen was aboard as of earlier this summer. Also that Joaquin Ruiz was with Liquid, but left before product launch to join Kim Polese's SpikeSource organization as VP of product marketing.

Even at the pre-Eclipse-joining BEA, Dietzen was a big open source proponent, so his participation here makes sense.

Three years ago, an exec at one of the big Linux distro companies said the time was ripe for an open-source clone of Microsoft Exchange Server. Since then OpenXchange, and Scalix products have tried to gain tractionwith some successagainst huge competitors like IBM/Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange Server. Given the architectural changes both Lotus and Microsoft are forcing their mail partners and customers through, some say a less pricey, and perhaps less feature-rich mail package could, indeed, make hay.

For those who want to know more about Liquid Systemsand seriously who does?the rather abbreviated Web site is little help: " "Liquid Systems is located in Silicon Valley, California. Although still in stealth mode, we would be glad to hear from you."

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Yeah. OK.

And, by the way, if Liquid doesn't blab at the show, forget you ever saw this.