Oracle To Let Loose Windows Database Update At PDC

Windows database

On Monday at PDC 2005, Oracle will announce wide release of Oracle 10g Release 2 for Windows with better support for Microsoft's .Net development environment. The company says Oracle Database Extensions for .Net will let Windows-centric developers continue to use the .Net language of their choice to build Oracle database applications.

In the spirit of, er, coopetition, Microsoft rival Oracle is also one of the big sponsors for PDC this week in L.A.

But, while Oracle says it loves Windows, it apparently didn't muster up enough passion to get the Windows database out in lockstep with Linux and Unix versions.

This news could have been held for next week's big Oracle Open World confab in San Fran. But then again, maybe it couldn't.

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At PDC, look for Microsoft to again talk up its own SQL Server 2005 database, now due in November.

Another tidbit: Adesso Systems will get some good billing/stage time at the show, according to Cliff Reeves. Like Cliff, several of the Adessans (?) are former Loti and well versed in collaboration software.

Cliff writes that Adesso's Phil Stanhope will be front and center talking about Adesso's technology running atop WinFS and Avalon. Good thing John Landry, former Lotus CTO and current Adesso chairman, isn't doing the honors. If some were to see Landry touting Microsoft technology at a Microsoft conference, they'd think hell really has frozen over.