COLUMN: AWS’ Cloud Technology Leadership Makes Its Channel Unique

Steven Burke

CRN News Editor Steven Burke says that Amazon Web Services partner Classmethod is a prime example of how AWS is driving breakthrough productivity, cost and competitive advantages for customers.


If you want to know what makes Amazon Web Services’ channel so unique you need look no further than AWS Global Systems Integrator Partner of the Year Classmethod.

Classmethod beat out AWS systems integrators more than 100 times its size because of its engineering prowess and unprecedented commitment to keep pace with the fast-moving AWS cloud innovation juggernaut. The Classmethod business model, in fact, is to stay in lockstep with AWS in pushing the cloud technology envelope at a relentless pace to drive breakthrough productivity, cost and competitive advantages for customers. That, of course, is where the highest margins are for partners.

The systems integrator’s secret sauce is its technology thought leadership. That can also be said for AWS, with CEO Adam Selipsky and Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances Ruba Borno driving forward AWS’ unique channel advantage.

Classmethod’s DevelopersIO website with more than 40,000 technical articles acts as an open-source clearinghouse of sorts for customers looking for answers to hard-to-solve cloud issues. The Tokyo-based company’s 500-plus engineers—who make up 71 percent of its employees—do deep drill-downs into AWS technology in blog posts each day.

In 2022, Classmethod provided technical support to over 18,000 AWS accounts with more than 200 technical case studies on its corporate website. That means that the company stays up to date on all things AWS.

For seven consecutive years, Classmethod has obtained Premier Tier Services Partner status from AWS—the highest in that category. In addition, Classmethod employees hold well over 2,200 AWS certifications. That AWS certification depth and breadth put it ahead of systems integrators many times its size in annual revenue.

Customers know that when they go to Classmethod’s DevelopersIO website for answers on any and all kinds of cloud challenges—including the latest AWS innovation—they will not be disappointed.

More than 1 million unique users visit the Classmethod website each month, with many of them going on to hire the AWS superstar as their primary cloud consultant and integrator. The Classmethod model is a lead generation machine that provides a constant flow of new customers.

In fact, Classmethod, with its 100 sales reps, generates more sales opportunities than nearly every other AWS systems integrator.

“The culture of Classmethod is technology thought leadership for the benefit of all,” said Chris Sullivan, general manager of worldwide systems integrators and strategic alliances at AWS. “The company publishes all of its technical content on its website. Customers come to their website for answers and then engage with them based on their technology thought leadership.”

Sullivan is a huge fan of Classmethod, crediting the company with an uncanny ability to leverage AWS’ cloud services to solve customer problems in new and innovative ways. “We innovate every day, and Classmethod is right beside us,” he said.

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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