State Of Work-Life Balance For Women Of The Channel: Three Research Takeaways

The spring 2024 Women of the Channel data and research findings point to the continued power of GenAI, a maintained desire for work life balance, and the impact of layoffs in the lives of women. Here are three main takeaways as presented in Palm Springs, California.

Having a data-informed approach to organizational development and leadership is essential to making lasting change. It allows us to collectively understand where we are, how that fits into where we would like to be, using both to craft where we would like to go. This year, 367 survey respondents shared information to provide a current snapshot of how they feel about their channel careers, setting a foundation for introspection and conversation between teams.

I had the opportunity to present the survey, which focused on the lived experiences of women of the IT Channel. Here are three takeaways for continued action and advocacy.

Women Are At The Forefront Of GenAI Adoption

50 percent of the women of the channel respondents believe staying up to date with emerging technologies is essential for professional advancement in tech and the IT channel, with most also believing that GenAI is the emerging technology that requires the most of their attention. Three out of four respondents understand that their companies and investors will continue to pour resources into AI tools in 2024.

Interestingly, that same percentage, 75 percent, are also cautious about the disinformation and misinformation as it is spread via GenAI algorithms.

Women Of The Channel Overwhelmingly Prefer Work From Home and Hybrid Models

Work life flexibility continues to be a major win for women of the channel, with a 97 percent of women respondents declaring that full-time remote or hybrid work is their preferred method in 2024. When split between the two systems, 62 percent of women preferred full-time remote work compared to 35 percent of respondents looking to maintain a hybrid work style.

Reasons for the preference varied widely, however most Women of the Channel valued a reduced commute time and cost coupled with enhanced productivity. Of those who preferred a hybrid model, 83 percent said they enjoy face-to-face interaction on in-office days.

Women Follow Leaders Who Are Authentic Motivators And People Investors

When women are looking to their leaders, the top qualities are also of note. Authenticity, being a good motivator who works with integrity atop the list. Similarly, the actions of effective leaders include someone who advocates and invests in their teams, communicates effectively, getting results while also recognizing honors and achievements top the list.