COMDEXvirtual Special Report

CRN’'s coverage of the ComdexVirtual Trade show, live online November 16 and 17.

COMDEXvirtual is back in its third year as an interactive online event dedicated to the needs and opportunities of the channel. The theme of COMDEXvirtual 2012, The New Growth Drivers of IT, will be supported by a variety of industry experts presenting to a large solution provider audience on everything impacting the channel, including BYOD, the cloud, managed services, mobility, security, storage, networking and virtualization.

2012 Best Companies To Partner With

Get a first look at CRN's second annual exclusive new research study, Best Companies To Partner With, which asked solution providers to rank their must-have technology vendors.

Winners And Losers In The Digital Economy

Rapid changes in information technology have created a paradox in our economy: Rising productivity and increasing overall wealth at a time when many people are unemployed or have shrinking incomes. Here's who's benefiting from this growing schism -- and who isn't.

6 Drivers Of The 'Storage Infrastruggle' And How To Manage Them

Six challenges relate to cloud hype, server virtualization and shoddy decision-making are contributing to a "storage infrastruggle" that affects how storage infrastructures are built, said Jon Toigo in his COMDEXvirtual presentation.

Storage And Its Impacts On Virtualized Environments

A storage-focused COMDEXvirtual panel concluded that a deep understanding of the impact of flash storage, virtual storage appliances, and other storage technologies is key to limiting their impact on the performance of virtualized environments.

Top 10 Channel Trends For 2013

In 2013, solution providers can reap opportunities as BYOD, cloud computing and other trends continue to surge in the enterprise.

7 Ways To Capitalize On The Cloud

For the second year in a row, CRN asked VARs what vendors were their must-have partners for our Best Companies to Partner With study. Here are the biggest surprises in this year's project.

2012 Best Companies To Partner With

Tim Chou, author of "The End of Software: Transforming Your Business for the On Demand Future," says IT leaders need to develop a cloud strategy. Here are his suggestions.

6 Ways To Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

"Getting people to pay you every month is not easy," says TruMethods' Gary Pica. But here are six ways to increase your recurring revenue stream.

Time For A Change: 5 Tech Trends Changing IT

In his COMDEXvirtual keynote, James Alexander examines the five trends shaping the IT industry and how solution providers can master these trends to become an agent of change for customers.

10 Big Breakthroughs: A History Of Accelerating Technology Innovation

Renowned inventor and technology futurist Ray Kurzweil chronicles the exponential growth of information technology with 10 big tech breakthroughs.