3 Ways To Future-Proof Your Business



As an independent software vendor (ISV), you know that staying ahead of the curve is vital in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology. That’s why Microsoft Azure wants to help you achieve more, increase revenue and expand your business.

Here are three ways to future-proof your business with Microsoft Azure:

1. Migrate to Azure and realize new value

We want to help you lower costs and protect vital cash flow. Using Azure App Service, you can realize a 35 percent total cost of ownership (TCO) savings compared to the competition, according to a report by GigaOm. Reducing application and cloud workload costs could be the key to prolific SaaS application design and developing more sustainable solutions.

2. Optimize existing cloud investments

In a post on the Azure Compute Blog, Microsoft shows how ISVs can save up to 34 percent using Microsoft Cost Management to monitor and reduce spending. Microsoft’s cost optimization tools can help you boost developer productivity, build securely and minimize downtime.

You can fuel your optimization by accessing modern dev services with Visual Studio and GitHub Enterprise in one subscription.

3. Reinvest rewards and unlock growth potential

Faster time-to-market is crucial in the software development world. So it’s worth noting that 58 percent of Azure-powered ISVs report faster time to market for new products and services, a 3.5-time increase in their new offerings pipelines and 75 percent growth in profits.

Build for the future

Moving to Azure also enables your access to the advanced AI capabilities including Azure OpenAI, Face API, Computer Vision, Azure Video Indexer, Custom Neural Voice and Speaker Recognition. Deploying Azure Machine Learning models can help you stay ahead of the development curve by streamlining model development, training, validation and deployment. To prove their point, Microsoft is offering ISVs $5K in Azure free account credit as a benefit of joining the ISV Success program.

Your powerful partnership awaits

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