Cloud Volumes Service by NetApp Offers a Smooth Journey to Google Cloud


Enterprises hoping for a worry-free VMware workload transition from on-premises data centers to Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) may find smooth sailing with NetApp’s new Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) for Google Cloud. The result of a partnership between NetApp and Google Cloud, CVS offers a quick, easy and cost-effective way to move critical workloads safely.

Why would enterprises want to move their VMware workloads from on-prem data centers to a public cloud? Because managing—and scaling—on-prem infrastructure can be costly, time-consuming and complex. More and more enterprises realize that outsourcing infrastructure management makes a great deal of sense in a “work smarter, not harder” kind of way. Letting a tech titan like Google do the heavy lifting allows enterprise IT managers to focus their valuable attention on other vital tasks like creative innovation, business development and lowering costs.

“We’re excited to offer customers this flexible and cost-effective path to move enterprise workloads to the cloud,” said Manoj Sharma, Director of Google Cloud VMware Engine Product Management. “Customers often have need for large amounts of storage, and NetApp Cloud Volumes Service datastores for Google Cloud VMware Engine provides an easy and cost-effective way to meet this need. With GCVE and NetApp customers can extend their existing investments in VMware—using the same tools and processes—while enhancing agility, security and availability.”

Easy scalability may be one of the most valuable benefits of using Cloud Volumes Service to deploy VMware workloads on Google Cloud. The flexible nature of the platform allows for easy and efficient scaling as workloads grow and new applications come online. NetApp achieves this by deftly separating storage and compute to help lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). By allowing IT managers to scale up storage without increasing compute, CVS helps guard against costly and wasteful over-provisioning.

Enhanced data security is another compelling aspect of NetApp’s new platform. Built-in data protection features such as datastore encryption and quick recovery from snapshot copies enable enhanced cybersecurity and easier data recovery in the event of loss or corruption.

A solution like this lends itself to a relatively wide array of use cases, including modernizing VMware estate, backup, disaster recovery, compliance, app development and testing, custom applications, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), analytics, and warehousing. To learn more about how NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud can help you and your customers increase efficiency and reduce costs, reach out to a NetApp global sales team member.

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