Let’s Build Together


Welcome to the new Microsoft Azure Learning Center, a resource designed to help you discover the power of Microsoft Azure. Here you’ll find new ways to differentiate and grow your business as you build with the most trusted cloud committed to your success.

With Azure, you can build new intelligent applications, optimize your cloud investments and grow as a partner, all while taking advantage of the most trusted cloud platform available.

Build for the future with AI and analytics

Are you an ISV looking to innovate and drive your business to new heights? With Azure, you can access groundbreaking technology like Azure OpenAI Service and the most pre-trained AI models and deploy anywhere, whether it’s on-premises, on the edge or even on other clouds.

Ship faster and optimize cloud investments

Azure also offers tools to decrease costs and save developer time, including automation and a com-plete developer platform that supports open source and your preferred services and tools.

You can simplify building and managing web applications with Azure App Service, which provides au-toscaling, API management and web authentication. And streamline development with GitHub Enter-prise, a single, integrated developer platform that enables planning, development, security and auto-mation in one place.

Get to the next level of growth

You know that growing your business is key to success. But how do you reach more enterprises and tap into new markets? The answer lies in partnering with Microsoft giving you access to an expansive net-work of sellers, partners and customers. With Azure, you can build and scale solutions globally, while reducing complexity. Azure offers more global regions than any other cloud provider, making it easier for you to enter new regions and expand your customer base. Plus, with flexible data residency options and tax management in 52 countries, you can ensure compliance and meet local regulations.

Security is a top concern for enterprises, and Azure has you covered. Azure is the cloud platform that 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust, with more certifications than any other cloud provider and best-in-class security out of the box. Building on Azure gives your solutions unparalleled security, mak-ing it easier to attract and retain enterprise customers.

As you move through the microsite, you’ll find resources to get you started.

Join forces with Azure and take advantage of leading technology, breakthrough AI and analytics ser-vices and the support of Microsoft’s expansive network. Let’s build together.

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