Simplifying Hybrid Multicloud DataOps with NetApp BlueXP

A new data management platform from NetApp offers a single, unified control pane designed to deliver a simplified hybrid multicloud management experience.


A new data management platform from NetApp offers a single, unified control pane designed to deliver a simplified hybrid multicloud management experience. NetApp BlueXP promises to wrangle enterprises’ disparate on-prem and cloud assets, presenting all of them in a “single-pane-of-glass” environment. In this unified environment, IT managers can optimize, automate and take advantage of an array of one-click functions, including backup, sync, tiering and data governance.

NetApp BlueXP seeks to answer a question in the collective minds of many modern businesses: how can we get more without spending more? The “more” enterprises are looking for comes down to more security, efficiency, cost-savings and facility. These organizations must create and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, which means deploying new products, applications and AI workloads without dramatically increasing capital expenses and staff.

To accomplish this, NetApp BlueXP offers built-in AIOps that work across on-prem and public cloud environments like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Users can leverage BlueXP’s built-in automation to identify existing or deploy new hybrid multicloud storage resources. The system then uses intelligent automation to monitor cyber resiliency, health and status, giving ITOps proactive guidance and suggested actions to avoid trouble.

Speaking of trouble, BlueXP offers a unique approach to security. It achieves thorough data protection via block-level, incremental-forever backup capability, including replication, mirroring and synchronization options. This is further extended with powerful ransomware protection by enabling immutable, indelible backups that can’t be compromised by ransomware, and by using AI to identify anomalous file system or user activity to detect new suspicious activity and block further incursion. In addition, the unique ransomware protection dashboard powered by AIOps produces an overall ransomware protection score that calls out potential vulnerabilities and offers opportunities to strengthen defenses.

NetApp BlueXP also helps enterprises foster sustainability. Climate change is a looming and ever-present threat, and it’s incumbent on every business to do its part to manage energy consumption and the impact it has on the environment. NetApp has previewed the BlueXP sustainability dashboard, which provides instant insight into power, thermal, and carbon metrics of the data estate to allow the right decisions to be made. Leveraging extensive monitoring and governance capabilities, BlueXP further helps by intelligently observing and analyzing storage and data resources, identifying workloads that could easily move to the cloud, assessing cold data and providing integrated tiering of that data to cloud storage to improve enterprises’ power and carbon footprints.

If you and your customers are looking for a way to simplify DataOps and get more from your hybrid multicloud environments, BlueXP could be the right tool for the job. To find out, reach out to a NetApp global sales team member.

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