Talon Cyber Security - A Microsoft Marketplace Success Story


Talon’s quick acceleration to success illustrates the power of the Microsoft commercial marketplace to bring talented independent software vendors (ISVs) to the forefront. In an interview published by CRN, Director of Business Development Amit Rosenwaks says Talon responds to the pace of innovation “by keeping Microsoft commercial marketplace central to our go-to-market strategy.”

That winning strategy has empowered Talon to maintain high market visibility and support selling with no overhead. Rosenwaks goes on to say that “Enterprises use Microsoft Azure. So, by aligning to the marketplace, we’re able to meet them where they already are.”

Focusing on AI-powered security

Talon Cyber Security’s focus on modernizing security programs and improving user experiences for hy-brid work led them to develop the Talon Enterprise Browser—a first of its kind solution that takes an entirely new approach to securing modern workforces.

Talon’s browser empowers customers to secure any user, in any location, on any device, by making the browser the first line of enterprise defense in today’s world of SaaS and web applications. The result is a substantial reduction in cyber risk, combined with improved operational efficiency that provides up to 80 percent total cost of ownership (TCO) savings compared to alternative solutions.

Talon has been able to up-level the extensive feature set of its enterprise browser through integrations with key Microsoft technologies, including Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft Sentinel, and Azure Active Directory. The result is a comprehensive feature list that empowers Talon users with data loss and threat protection, SaaS visibility and protection, secure ChatGPT, and more.

Microsoft Marketplace Growth

With the demand for SaaS solutions increasing, customers are turning to cloud marketplaces to central-ize their cloud estate. Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Moazzam Khan joins the CRN interview, and reinforces that analysts predict the cloud marketplace opportunity to reach nearly $50 billion and that Microsoft marketplace has seen 214 percent increase in Azure IP co-sell from the marketplace—in line with industry trends.

“The Microsoft team has provided truly next-level support,” says Talon’s Amit Rosenwaks. “And it’s really the reason we got early access to Azure OpenAI Service, enabling us to serve our enterprise cus-tomers with enterprise-grade ChatGPT.

Now, ISVs like you can follow in Talon’s footsteps, using Microsoft’s extensive resources to develop ad-vanced applications and get them to market fast.

Ready to get started? You can begin today by checking out the resources at Azure for ISVs.

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