CRN Printer Week 2024

Welcome to Printer Week 2024, CRN’s annual look at the state of the printer market in North America. After three years of work-from-home policies, many employees are now working in offices full-time while others returned with a hybrid work setup.

As with everything else in the IT world, artificial intelligence is on top of mind for many of the industry’s largest printer manufacturers. Other trends include sustainability and the growing market for managed print services.

Check in throughout the week for ongoing analysis of the printer industry along with product roundups featuring the latest offerings from HP Inc., Xerox, Lexmark, Epson, Brother and more.

Sustainable Printers Require Multifaceted Approach
‘Enterprise clients usually have some level of company-wide program as far as sustainability goes. Toner recycling programs have been offered to all of our clients for many years. We continue to do so. If they wish to take advantage of it, it's quite simple for us to start up with them. All of our vendors offer it, so it makes it easy,’ says Danielle Wolowitz, executive vice president and owner of Shore Business Solutions.

How Vendors Are Using AI To Improve The Printer Experience
Experts at HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Sharp and Brother talk to CRN about how their companies are using AI to improve the way printers are used, managed and maintained.

6 Big Printer Industry Trends In 2024: HP, Xerox, Epson And Others Weigh In
Experts at Lexmark, Sharp, Canon, Brother, Epson, HP and Xerox talk to CRN about six big trends in the printer industry in 2024, from the impact of hybrid work and a growing push for digitization to a lack of awareness around security issues and disruptions among vendors.

Managed Services Increasingly Important For Modern Office Printing
‘Over the last 25 years, how many times have the analysts come and said print is dead. Print is declining. It's shifting. It's not going away,’ says Danielle Wolowitz, executive vice president and owner of Shore Business Solutions.

8 Cool New Printers For the Modern Workforce
CRN takes a look at some of the latest multi-function printers that address a variety of business needs, whether they’re priced and sized for small teams, designed to reduce power consumption or crank out larger numbers of pages every month.