Reseller Promenet Hits Storage Sweet Spots With Dot Hill 3000 (Video)

The CRN Test Center sits with Promenet, a New York-based Dot Hill reseller, to discuss the benefits of reselling Dot Hill's 3000 Series.

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When first introduced, the Dot Hill 3000 Series did much to bridge the gap between Fibre Channel storage and iSCSI, but was quite difficult to set up and configure. The storage maker has come a long way since then. With its AssuredSAN Pro 5000 series, many essential functions such as storage tiering, virtualization of storage pools, and replication and recovery are now fully automated. Championing these improvements is Promenet, a New York-based Dot Hill reseller.

Here, Promenet's Vice President Nicholas Sidoti speaks with the CRN Test Center about the evolution of the storage market, the reseller sweet spots Promenet aims to hit and the consulting opportunities reselling Dot Hill's solutions have provided.


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