Cybersecurity Week 2020

Cybersecurity Week 2020

The cybersecurity industry has been upended by the rapid shift to remote work in the wake of COVID-19, creating an unprecedented need for remote access tools that are both reliable and secure. Demand for cybersecurity tools has grown by leaps and bounds as companies attempt to secure a corporate environment that leverage personal devices and home networks and no longer has a perimeter.

CRN's Cybersecurity Week will examine how businesses modified their business continuity and disaster recovery plans that were typically crated with a natural disaster in mind to address a health pandemic like coronavirus. Endpoint and email security are more important than ever when protecting remote workers, so we will address the benefits and important features firms need when using these tools.

The shift away from working in offices has led to a rapid acceleration in cloud and digital transformation initiatives, so cybersecurity week will probe what new and emerging certifications help practitioners protect the modern workplace. And with firms continuing to need outside help to address their security needs, industry experts provided recommendations on how to go about choosing the best MSSP.

11 Things To Have In Your Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan
From implementing user-specific access control policies and presenting applications through the cloud to preparing for staff augmentation and core system outages, here are the big issues a coronavirus business continuity plan should address.

10 Things You Need In An Email Security Service
From detecting snowshoe spam and compromised cloud accounts to providing simulated phishing attacks, sentiment analysis and oversight of east-west traffic, here are 10 things companies should look for in an email security service.

The 11 Hottest Cybersecurity Certifications In 2020
From public cloud security and administering and engineering firewalls to ethical hacking, risk management and incident response, here’s a look at some of 2020’s most in-demand cybersecurity certifications.

10 Tips For Choosing The Best MSSP For Your Company
From probing the MSSP’s reporting and quality management process to using a third-party adviser to benchmark competing MSSPs on price and scope, here are 10 things customers should consider when selecting an MSSP. way.

8 Important Features You Need In An Endpoint Security Tool
From having the ability to remove agents and detect malicious scripting to probing the behavior of machines rather than signature models, here are eight things companies need in an endpoint security tool.