Dell Says It Ceased All Operations In Russia

‘In mid-August, we closed our offices and ceased all Russian operations,’ a Dell spokesperson tells CRN.


Dell Technologies is done in Russia.

The global technology giant completed its promised withdraw of resources from Russia last weekend, finishing a break that started in February with the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

“In mid-August, we closed our offices and ceased all Russian operations,” a Dell spokesperson told CRN. “Back in February, we made the decision to not sell, service or support products in Russia, Belarus and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, in addition to the already embargoed Crimea.”

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Officials in Moscow said many of Dell’s former employees in the country have already received jobs with “competitive pay” from technology companies in Russia.

“We are monitoring the development of the situation,” Russian Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Vasily Shpak told the Russian state TASS news agency, Reuters reported. “According to our data, the vast majority of Dell’s R&D centre specialists and support engineers in St Petersburg and Moscow have already received job offers with competitive pay from Russian producers.”


News of the tech titan’s Russian pull out comes as shipping giant Maersk said it had completed its divestitures from the Russian markets, and Swiss-based computer peripheral maker Logitech International, also announced it was laying off all of its employees in Russia, according to TASS.

Round Rock, Texas-based Dell was among the first technology enterprises to suspend sales and support to Russia in February, with CEO and founder Michael Dell, saying in February that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was “a humanitarian disaster.”

“It’s a great tragedy and very disappointing to see a humanitarian disaster,” Dell said. “Obviously, we’re focused on how we can help and support the team members that we have in the region that are directly impacted.”