What’s On Tap At XChange Security 2023: 5 Key Trends And Topics

XChange Security will take place July 10-12 in Dallas. Here’s a preview of what solution providers will hear about during the event.


XChange Security, a conference from CRN parent The Channel Company, will take place July 10 to 12 in Dallas. The event for solution providers will include a number of keynote sessions from notable experts in the cybersecurity space, covering topics such as targeted attacks, cyber insurance, the MSSP model and CMMC certification.

Additionally, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Richard Murray, who heads the agency’s Dallas Cyber Task Force, will offer a talk on the FBI’s view of the threat landscape. Other speakers will include hacker Bryan Seely as well as executives from top MSPs and MSSPs.

What follows is a preview of some of the major topics and trends that solution providers will hear about during XChange Security 2023.

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Targeted Attacks

In the opening keynote at XChange Security, cybersecurity expert Bryan Seely will discuss the escalating threat of targeted attacks and offer insight into how organizations can protect themselves. Targeted attacks—in which threat actors leverage information about certain individuals in order to specifically tailor an attack against them—is a sign of the growing sophistication of hackers and other scammers, who are now frequently known to be exchanging knowledge among themselves and refining their techniques. Seely, who gained notoriety after wiretapping the U.S. Secret Service and FBI in 2014 (and then turning himself in), will delve into some of the biggest hacks in history and illustrate the importance of proactive measures to avoid ending up in the headlines.

Cyber insurance

In a keynote session, insurance counselor Brian Mahon will tackle the timely issue of what managed service providers need to understand most about cyber insurance in order to help their clients obtain coverage. MSPs are advised to keep themselves well-informed about the requirements for obtaining cyber insurance policies given the fact that the requirements are constantly evolving in tandem with the changing threat environment and technology landscape. Mahon, an adviser at independent insurance agency EHD Insurance, will aim to help MSPs gain a better understanding of cyber insurance during the session—including how it differs from technology E&O (errors and omissions) insurance—while also highlighting the ways that cyber insurance can be utilized to help drive recurring revenue.


During a panel session, executives from top MSPs and managed security service providers (MSSPs) will dig into the stark differences between their two models—and highlight why the distinction is relevant to anyone running, or working with, a provider of managed services. While many MSPs traditionally have focused on management of IT systems for their clients, the growing importance of cybersecurity has led many MSPs to take on increased duties for their customers’ security. Becoming a full-fledged MSSP, however, will usually entail running a Security Operations Center (SOC) that offers around-the-clock monitoring for cyberthreats—something that is no small feat amid the massive complexity and severe talent shortage associated with cybersecurity today. At XChange Security, the panelists—from Cybersafe Solutions, BASE Solutions and Ki Security and Compliance Group—will discuss topics such as the value of partnerships between MSPs and MSSPs as a way to help meet client needs.

The FBI’s View Of The Threat Landscape

During a keynote session, Supervisory Special Agent Richard Murray, who heads the FBI’s Dallas Cyber Task Force, will offer a look inside the agency’s view of cyberthreat trends. The discussion will cover the current trends in cybercrime reporting, cybercriminal and state-sponsored threat groups and recent FBI cyberthreat intelligence. Murray will also offer advice to IT solution and service providers on how to protect themselves and their customers.

CMMC Certification

In a session at XChange Security, Marc Menzies, president and CTO of Overview Technology Solutions, will share why he’s taking an unusual path in seeking C3PAO (Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization) certification. The certification program is for organizations that carry out CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) assessments for the U.S. Department of Defense as well as DOD contractors. Along with sharing lessons learned, Menzies will highlight why he thinks more solution providers should become familiar with this certification.