XChange NexGen 2023 Wrap-Up

The CRN editorial team was on the ground in Houston this week at NexGen 2023 and spoke with MSPs about some of the biggest technology trends, such as generative AI, and how they plan on implementing what they learned within their own businesses.

Gina Narcisi: The forward-looking XChange NexGen conference focuses heavily on what’s coming down the pike for the most progressive managed service providers.

This week in Houston, MSPs attending NexGen 2023 descended on the city to learn about some of the most cutting-edge technologies, such as generative AI, and to learn how they can take advantage of some of the biggest opportunities in the IT industry around cybersecurity and compliance, cloud and automation.

Ivan Burkett: So, throughout the conference I learned lots of good things, lots of interesting things that I plan on taking back to our team. One of the things is how we can implement AI into some of the solutions that we’re doing and make that and use it as a value prop when speaking to clients and helping drive solutions to a quicker resolution. The other area of interest that I learned about was how to scale without having to increase labor costs. And so those are two things I’m going to take back to the team.

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Narcisi: Emerging technology trends were top of mind for the MSPs in attendance, whose customers are grappling with the hybrid workforce and brand-new IT requirements that are prompting channel partners to build out their portfolios of managed services while also focusing on staying profitable and scaling their business in sustainable ways.

Travis Woods: This year’s NexGen was great because there was a great focus on vCIO services and what that means as an MSP to provide those services. There’s a big distinction between that and managed services. So, I learned a lot about that, and my clients are already asking for those services. So, having that direction, having the kind of the knowledge of where to go next is what I’ll be taking home and something I’ll be developing in my own practice.

Narcisi: Check out all the coverage of the event now at crn.com