Other Apt Information

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If you find you need additional Apt repositories in the configuration file, try the following online locations:

  • freshrpms.net:
  • As well as being a primary site for the download of Apt, additional repositories and documentation exist here, too.

  • apt4rpm.sourceforge.net/repos.html:
  • The original RPM-based Apt site on SourceForge is a great source for all kinds of things, including repositories for Red Hat SuSE, Mandrake and Yellow Dog.

  • kde-redhat.sourceforge.net:
  • Very helpful for desktop Linux users. This site is specific to Red Hat and KDE.

  • www.altlinux.com/index.php?module
  • A great source for Apt repositories and many other things Linux.

  • www.redhat.com:
  • Fedora will continue to support Apt but will also support an additional configuration-managed utility called Yum. For more information, go to the Red Hat site.

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