Product Roundup

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A UPS is a core piece of hardware for any server, but maybe more so for small companies, many of which rely on a single server to keep their businesses afloat and don't back up data regularly. In a CRN Test Center review of UPSes rated as close to 1,500 VA (volt-amperes) as possible, American Power Conversion's Smart-UPS 1500 stayed alive for nearly 39 minutes,almost twice the runtime of the other units examined. The Smart-UPS 1500's front-panel indicators make its operation status obvious at a glance. The back panel provides eight protected outlets, along with serial and USB ports for linking to a server, and an option slot accepts an adapter to support network-based management. The output of the Smart-UPS 1500, priced at $729, is a clean sine wave. In addition, APC's channel program includes a range of Web and seminar training programs, as well as internal and external sales support.

Samsung Electronics has added a line of 17-inch flat-panel displays that boast the smallest bezel in the industry. The SyncMaster 171N flat-panel features a 1-inch profile, a half-inch bezel and a removable base. Multiple 171Ns can be placed side by side or stacked for continuous flow of data, such as for financial institutions or any application in which two displays need to be positioned together, according to the company. The SyncMaster 172T is a high-end, TFT monitor with flicker-free image quality and a sleek cabinet design that routes interface cables through the stand, eliminating cable clutter. It also features a stand that can be folded back and used as a wall-mount bracket that measures 2 inches deep. The SyncMaster 172B's ultrasleek, flat-panel display has a 90-degree tilt screen, a 1-inch panel profile and built-in multimedia speakers.

In the past, Corex Technologies relieved business professionals of the tedious task of transcribing business cards. Now Corex has done one better by improving the software that drives the CardScan device. Topping the list of enhancements with CardScan 6.0.4 is improved accuracy, particularly removing "image noise" on cards and correcting errors in e-mail and Web addresses. Unfortunately, Corex has dropped synchronization support for Psion Palmtops, Novell GroupWise, and Lotus Organizer and Day-Timer Organizer with this release. The stand-alone CardScan 6.0.4 software costs $79 ($59 for the upgrade). Users also can buy Corex's CardScan Executive package (a CardScan 600c color scanner with one CardScan 6.0.4 software license) for $299, or the CardScan Office package (a CardScan 600c color scanner with six CardScan 6.0.4 licenses) for $399.

Display manufacturer ViewSonic this month plans to release its first Pocket PC PDA, the V35. Eschewing high-end features such as built-in wireless and a Compact Flash slot, the V35 is aimed at companies looking to use Microsoft's Pocket PC platform without having to spend $400 to $700 to get it, according to ViewSonic. Priced at $299, the 4.2-ounce handheld features a 300MHz Intel PXA250 processor; 32 Mbytes of flash memory; 64 Mbytes of RAM; a 3.5-inch (240 x 320) LCD display; a long-life, lithium-ion battery; and four launch buttons for easily identifying and updating contacts, tasks, notes and calendar schedules. A user-friendly jog dial button enables quick and easy navigation through files and applications, and a built-in Secure Digital slot provides additional memory, input/output and connectivity options. The ViewSonic V35 also ships with a custom Microsoft PowerPoint file viewer and a digital image viewer application.

Red Hat Linux 8.0 from Linux distributor Red Hat sports a new look and feel designed to give small-business users an easy-to-use operating environment. An updated GUI, dubbed Bluecurve, brings improved menu organization to simplify navigation. It supports the Gnome 2.0 and KDE 3.0.3 interfaces and features the updated Mozilla 1.0.1 browser and Ximian Evolution e-mail client, contact manager and calendar. It also features the open-source productivity suite, a personal firewall tool and Red Hat Network integration utilities. The Apache 2.0 Web server and Samba file server also are included. Red Hat Linux 8.0 Personal is priced at $39.95 and includes 30 days of Red Hat Network basic service and Web-based support. Red Hat Linux 8.0 Professional costs $149.95 and includes a system administrator CD, an office/multimedia applications CD, 60 days of Red Hat Network basic service, 60 days of Web-based support and telephone support.

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