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Big Storage For Small Business
For the SMB seeking higher capacity and better recovery at an affordable price, D-Link Systems is rolling out its xStack Storage iSCSI 3000 Series. The D-Link DSN-3200, available now, comes with eight 1-Gbps Ethernet ports, can run up to 15 drives with a storage capacity of more than 11 terabytes and can handle more than 65,000 I/Os per second. It supports IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Groups for full off-load capability--all eight ports can be grouped together, totaling 850 MB of bandwidth, for increased throughput and redundancy. Other features of the xStack Storage 3000 Series include iSCSI "system-on-a-chip" technology, 512 MB of system memory, 15 SATA hard drives, 4 GB of battery-protected cache and support for SATA II disk technology. Also, each has an embedded, user-friendly IP-SAN device manager and VLAN zoning that supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging to segregate traffic.

D-Link xStack Storage iSCSI 3000 series, Price: DSN-3200, $5,999; DSN-3400, $14,999

Seagate Goes Perpendicular With Pushbutton Backup
Need more than 500 GB of data space but the thought of a terabyte or more seems like overkill?

Seagate's latest 750GB Pushbutton Backup offers a nice middle ground. This external SATA drive is targeted at individual desktop users and is based on Seagate's new perpendicular-recording technology, which supports higher capacities in the same footprint. It lacks network support but comes with both FireWire and USB connections. The drives are stackable and come bundled with BounceBack Express from CMS Products. Unfortunately, Seagate offers only a one-year warranty (compared with five years for its internal drives), but the company does offer free lifetime technical support.

Seagate 750GB Pushbutton Backup Hard Drive, Price: $559

HP: Supersize Me
Following in the footsteps of Apple and Dell, Hewlett-Packard this fall is coming out with a 30-inch flat-panel monitor for business users. Like Apple's 30-inch Cinema Display and Dell's 3007WFP, HP's latest LCD, the LP3065, boasts a 2,560-by-1,600 resolution. It also displays images with a 1,000-to-1 contrast ratio, offers an 8-millisecond response time and delivers 92 percent of the National Television System Committee's color range. The LP3065 will be available through HP and its channel partners Nov. 1. Although the market for large 30-inch business monitors is still small, larger monitors are being used more frequently as specialty displays in vertical industries, such as engineering, graphics and health care.

HP LP3065, Price: $2,000

Lockdown Has The NAC
Lockdown Networks has announced the Enforcer 4.5, an upgrade to its network-access-control product suite. The upgrade is designed for large networks with a mobile user base and includes Lockdown Commander, a standalone, centralized management appliance that shares baseline data about devices across multiple Lockdown Enforcers so that users and devices can be tracked throughout a network. The solution also adds a new deployment mode that allows enforcement of NAC policy for SSL and IPSec VPN users, which enables organizations to apply consistent policy for users, regardless of access method or location. Lockdown Enforcer will ship in October; Lockdown Commander will ship separately in the fourth quarter.

Lockdown Networks Enforcer 4.5, Price: Ranges from $9,995 to $24,995

White Noice Fades To Black
Tripp Lite has added three uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes) that the company says are completely immune to line noise and require no dedicated AC input circuit. The company's new line of OmniSmart Full Isolation UPS Systems function as battery-backup solutions to provide all the benefits of a dedicated AC input line without the expense and inconvenience of running special circuits and upgrading site wiring. The systems, available in 500 volt-amperes, 750 VA and 1,000 VA, include line-interactive operation with automatic voltage regulation. USB ports allow customers to connect their systems using Tripp Lite's PowerAlert software for systems management and automatic operating-system shutdown.

Tripp Lite OmniSmart Full Isolation UPS Systems, Price: Ranges from $239 to $465

This Trio Takes A Licking
Panasonic has unveiled three new Toughbooks designed for field service and other rugged business applications. New products include the ultraportable CF-W5; the 3.5-pound CF-T5, a tablet PC alternative; and the CF-Y5, a thin, light desktop replacement. The three notebooks include magnesium-alloy cases, flexible internal connectors and shock-mounted, removable hard drives. The computers can withstand a 1-foot drop, while the hard drives are rated to survive a fall of 30 inches. Each product in the trio incorporates wireless-ready designs for accessing data networks from major wireless carriers, including Sprint, Verizon and Cingular Wireless.

Panasonic Toughbooks, Price: CF-W5, $1,899; CF-T5, $1,899; CF-Y5, $2,199

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