A Look Inside Seneca Data's Nexlink 7100 Workstation

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You're looking at the state of the art in digital image processing. When building high-end workstations for the power user, custom systems builder Seneca Data selects the fastest and most powerful components for the intended users and their applications. The Syracuse, N.Y.-based company sent the CRN Test Center a pair of its Nexlink 7100 workstations for evaluation. Naturally, our instinct was to take them apart and see what they were made of.
But not before we ran a few tests. For finished systems and servers, the Test Center's standard benchmark is Geekbench from Primate Labs. After running the 64-bit version of Geekbench 2.1.5 several times, the 7100 delivered a high score of 8,566, the highest Geekbench score of any production workstation we've tested. But we weren't done there. Seneca says the machine is targeted at video surveillance stream processing and editing. So we fired up Iometer, the open source benchmark utility developed by Intel. We selected an access specification that would generate 100 percent sequential writes of 4K-byte blocks, similar to the way video streams might be recorded. Results were impressive, and are detailed in the hard drive section.
With its dual GeForce 460GTX display adapters operating through Nvidia's SLI as a single graphics processor engine, the system is obviously ready for some massive pixel pumping. Gamers will appreciate average frame rates during game play of 138 fps. More on graphics performance later.
Right now it's on to the piece-by-piece breakdown. Whether you're choosing components for your own custom systems or looking for a solution provider to build them, knowing what's inside can make or break your customers' satisfaction. We think customers looking for maximum frame rates would be content with the Nexlink 7100 Workstation. And here's why.

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