2012 Channel Champions: Multifunction Printers

"For workgroups, HP introduced a refreshed LaserJet portfolio that allows users to download firmware upgrades that protect their investment well into the hardware in the future," he said. He also cited improvements to HP's management tools, imaging and printing security, touch panel displays and wireless networking.

The world's largest computer company did not sweep the support category, falling behind Lexmark in terms of its evaluation and demo equipment policies, and letting its own first-place finish in education and enablement last year slip to second this year. "HP provides demo discounts to its partners each quarter," explained Dunsire. "We look forward to soliciting more feedback from our partners to further enhance overall demo discounts."

In the financial criteria, HP was a leader in competitive pricing, product margins, SPIFs and rebates, and in increase in sales. That was backed up by Jeff Candea, operations director of Governor Business Solutions, an HP reseller in Dearborn, Mich. "By lowering the cost of their units, HP has given us a more competitive edge against similar products from other manufacturers," he said. But the company trailed in services attached, again falling behind Lexmark.

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