Network Infrastructure: Cisco's Size Is A Major Part Of Its Strength

data center infrastructure networking

"In tough times a lot of companies have cut back on what they can offer the channel, and we haven't seen that in Cisco," said Bill Smeltzer, executive vice president and CTO at Focus Technology Solutions, a Seabrook, N.H.-based infrastructure solution provider. "We've had no major problems with the channel relationship."

Cisco's victory in Network Infrastructure was not as decisive as its triumphs in other ARC categories, such as Wireless Infrastructure and Unified Communications/VoIP. In several criteria, Juniper had higher scores, especially in channel relationships, where it beat Cisco across the board, with the exception of solution provider program and communication.

Juniper also bested Cisco in quality and reliability of products (100.4 to Cisco's 98.2) and came within less than 1 percentage point in several others. Should Cisco be watching its back? Maybe, maybe not, said VARs.

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